King Bed, Schming Bed

When my husband and I first moved in together, we shared a double (or full) sized bed. Quite happily, I might add for the first few months.

When we moved up to a queen sized bed, the extra space was welcomed, particularly during the gestation of our daughter. I was as big as a house and tossed and turned, poor Jason wound up sleeping in the spare room for most of my last trimester anyway. He barely got a wink of sleep in between my tsunami-like movements and the, ahem, snoring that accompanied my pregnancies.

When my daughter was about 3, we moved up to a king sized bed. Wow, what a change! The first few nights, I felt as if I could fully extend my arms and still not reach my husband on the other side. Some mornings I still wake up and have trouble seeing him on the other side, but we have enjoyed this new luxury thoroughly.

As a parent, you will know that there are times when your children will sleep with you. I’m not talking about the co-sleeping movement (not that there’s anything wrong with that), just about the odd night, when nightmares are had, and shadows are spooky.

Lucky us, we had one of those nights last night. I went to bed later than usual for me on a Sunday, around midnight. Low and behold, around 2am I hear little footsteps plodding down the hall. I opened one sleep-hazed eye to note that my 6 year old daughter was climbing in bed between my husband and I. Fine. Ok. I got her settled and went promptly back to sleep.

At 3am, I hear crying from my 3 year old son’s room. This brought a swifter reaction from me since he had hurt his head (minorly) earlier in the day and I was afraid it was bleeding again. I’d just about had him soothed and back to sleep, beginning my ninja creep backwards to the door and, I hoped, my bed. No such luck. He sat bolt upright and exclaimed “I want to sleep in your bed!”, and then leapt at me from the top of his loft bed. Ok, fine. I got him settled, and realised the mistake of drinking an entire bottle of water close to bed time. When I returned, I had to slide two children over to make a sliver of room for myself on the edge of my king sized bed.

At 5:10 am my damn alarm rang. My arm was asleep, my neck ached and I felt I could understand the phrase “rode hard and put away wet”. Also I am considering if there is any bed larger than a King size I can purchase for future nights like these. Maybe this is the real reason TV couples used to sleep in two singles.

2 Responses to King Bed, Schming Bed

  • deidra23 says:

    A California King is bigger. We have a queen size bed, my cat sleps ON my feet (pinning me) and my 5 year old is FINALLY starting to get out of the habit of crawling into into my bed nightly. My chiropractor will thank me when she does.

    • extrafancyone says:

      True. I should look into pushing 2 king size beds together, although, the children will likely fall through the crack in the middle.

      Also, my chiropractor would likely want to continue this way with the kids in the bed. Then he could make more money from me! ;)

      (totally kidding, he’s an awesome guy)