This is why I walk.

I just wanted to share this email I recieved today, it touched me and truly reminded me why I walk for MS.

The following is from an email I recieved today, I have removed the names to protect my friend’s privacy:

Hi Jacqueline,

Thank you so very much for raising money for MS – really appreciated from me!!  I was diagnosed with relapsing remitting multiple sclerosis this year.  It was a real shock and hard to wrap my head around it sometimes, but as I learn my disease I will continue to fight.

I will try and support you in future walks, but right now I just can’t.

Thank you again, it means so much to me, especially now!

Love ya,


Dear _________, 

I had no idea you had been diagnosed, I’m sorry for not being in touch with you more. (really mostly your fault since you’re the one who moved) 

But joking aside, MS is one of my pet causes for a lot of reasons, one being Miss ____________. Now I just have one more reason to do all I can. 

Supporting someone’s fundraising efforts takes a lot of shapes and forms. So many people think it’s only about the money, but really it’s about cheering and spreading the word. 

And you, you gave me a reason to sign up again next year. I had a lot of things go wrong with my walk and fundraising this year. A lot of my team didn’t sign up to walk again for whatever reasons were going on in their lives. To put it simply by the time this weekend rolled around I was questioning why I put myself out for this. Why do I set myself up for literally hundreds of rejections, and months of hard work trying to raise the funds, only to show up on walk day by myself. I was pretty much decided that I wouldn’t do this again next year.

Have you ever waited for a sign from God? Even if you never consciously asked for one? You know it when you see it, and you know it’s pointing you the right way? I was waiting without knowing, then you emailed me. How can I not now? How could I sit and watch and not do something? I’m not a brilliant doctor, I’m not a chemist, or a research scientist. I’m not a nurse or a home aide, I can’t do any of those things to help the people I love with MS. But you know what I have? I have spirit, I have perseverance, and I have the uncanny knack to get into people’s faces till they give me money! 

I might not cure MS, but dammit I WILL help. 

Thank you, you gave me more today than you can know, and certainly more than you think.  

Your friend always,

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